Could your business be 20% more effective?

Could your business be 20% more effective?

Wouldn’t you just love to be 20% more effective?

20% more-time, 20% more income, 20% less costs or even 20% more profits.

You could be.  All you have to do is stop, look, understand, and do something about it.

As individuals we can all work more effectively. Banish the interference, improve our skills to get better outcomes, use our time more effectively and focus on the outcomes that make the biggest impact to the business progress. In my role, I am often baffled how few people know what they want to achieve each day. We are all very aware of what we are doing each day, but very few people are actually focussed on what they want to achieve from the challenging 8 hours ahead of them. How often as individuals do we take time to understand what enabled a successful outcome or what could have been differently if something didn’t work as intended. It is the consistent building on learning from outcomes that makes us more and more effective and successful. Too often all I hear is, “Ah well, on to the next thing”. What a waste.

As teams we are woeful. We ignore conflict which slows us down. We don’t engage our best people, perhaps the quieter ones,  so we lose great ideas. We talk endlessly without progress, the old meeting monotony. We don’t create atmospheres that motivate, encourage and resolve challenges promptly. We just accept what is and exist.

Teams are made up of individuals with different skills, views and personalities. To enable an effective team link to team development page you must invest time to establish the right culture, organisation and behaviours. Taking time to understand the people in your team and then play to their strengths and develop them will reap huge dividends.

Some relationships seem to challenge our effectiveness more than most. Namely customers and suppliers. Why do we feel the need to become totally subservient to customers? Why do we feel the need to constantly harass suppliers on price or feel the need to shop around consistently? What’s stopping us establishing really effective win-win relationships with the right customers and suppliers?

And finally our old favourite friend processes. The foundations of every business. Unbelievably, we are happy if our processes work well or quite well. Why do we do this? We must challenge our processes constantly, to make sure they are firstly as good as the best in our  industry or any other industry. We can even be more radical and start by saying,  how could we reinvent the process to do it completely differently and much better. You may even want to just start, by looking at reinvention first.

When processes don’t work, we spend money needlessly, and then we spend much more dealing with the customer issues that arise because of this. Something that is so important needs focus and improvement continuously. If you are not doing it, someone else is.

Being more effective link to work effectively page is a huge opportunity we choose to ignore constantly in business.

Invest your  time and seize the opportunities.

Hope this helps! Any challenges drop me a message

Keep it simple. Make progress.

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