About Me

I believe business can make a massive positive impact to peoples lives, our society, and our future.

Successful businesses can develop our confidence, skills and wellbeing plus create financial reward and the joy of success. Business will also hopefully create the innovation and safeguards to sustain us all in the future.

I help businesspeople make their business more successful.

A successful business is one that, “delivers great value to the right customers consistently, profitably and enjoyably”.

I help clients on each element of success with clarity, direction and leadership.

Think differently, do different things, and do things differently and better.

Keep it simple. Make progress.

Progress leads to success.

Outside work, I love having fun with my family and friends.

I spend lots of time doing sport, dancing, music and theatre with my children.

I work with a great team to raise money for my children’s school.

I enjoy sport, gardening, cooking, music and photography when I can.

I love learning and try to develop myself and my skills all the time.

I would love to be brilliant at DIY, but I am really not. 

I want to learn Italian but progress is slow.

I am very much an optimist and enjoy life.

I really do want to make the world an even better place for everyone.

All the technical detail of my business qualifications and experience can be seen at