Business planning

Business planning

Every business operates in its own unique business market,  has its own specific competitors and implements its own individual approach to deliver value to its customers.

To be successful in that challenging environment requires structure, discipline and focus.

Business goal setting can help you define what success looks like. It all starts with your purpose and business vision.

Successful achievement of your business vision is down to your leadership and co-ordination of resources, activity, and timescales. It is therefore vital you decide what you are going to do (actions), why you are doing it that way (strategy), and how well you are going to do it (objectives, measures, timescales, and targets).

The leadership and co-ordination of your resources requires a business plan,  measures, financial disciplines and operating models. This framework can ensure that resources are allocated efficiently and enables effective decision-making that is aligned to your business objectives.

Business goal planning

I will

  • Help you clarify your business strategy, develop your individual business plan  and specify objectives, actions, and targets.
  • Help you set the right leading and lagging performance indicators, to give you confidence  you are progressing in the right direction and can take the appropriate action if not.

We will

  • Align the business plan and activities with the financial plan and implement financial controls, income management, and debt control (financial discipline).
  • Implement operating models so you can actively manage your performance versus your business’s KPIs and take appropriate, timely action to progress towards success.
  • Review each risk to success and evaluate a plan of mitigation or potential aversion for each risk (risk management).

You will

  • Know exactly what you and your business are doing every day and why.
  • Have a strategy, plan, business goals to enable you to achieve your objective.
  • Have key performance indicators (KPIs) for your business to enable you to understand, lead and enable the success of your business
  • Have dedicated time with the right people to lead your business.
  • Be confident you have plans to mitigate potential risks should they arise.
  • Be confident you are in control of your business finances.

The right business strategy and plan gives your business focus, accountability and motivation.

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