The Power of Emotional Advertising: Why It’s Crucial for Your Business

The Power of Emotional Advertising

Emotional advertising has a specific role to play in managing customers through your marketing and sales process to actually spending money with your business and promoting your business. To understand the vital role emotions play in advertising, we need to start by looking at the role marketing and sales play in business success. I like […]

Choosing The Right Business Strategy

Choosing the right business strategy

What Is A Business Strategy? A business strategy is the way your business is going to win business from your target customers in your specific business market. If you get it right, it is what you are remembered for. Some examples of well-known successful strategies are; Apple – using innovation and design to create premium […]

Strategies To Achieve Financial Health In Your Business

Strategies to achieve financial health in your business.

The difference between your business being financially healthy and just doing a few financial exercises is probably a nasty shock when you least expect it. Good personal health is defined as a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. In many ways, the financial health […]

Is your real value invisible to customers?

Do customers understand your value to them instantly? Your real value to customers is the specific solution that your business provides or the promise of benefit that a customer can expect you to deliver. It’s often referred to as your Value Proposition Potential customers are bombarded with marketing messages from a huge range of businesses […]

6 Simple tIps to help your business grow

Growing a business doesn’t happen by itself. You need to enable it carefully. In some ways, building a business is like building a bridge with Lego. Lots of little pieces that add up to something very substantial but if you miss one piece, it all falls to bits. In addition to the Lego challenges, building […]

Could your business be 20% more effective?

Wouldn’t you just love to be 20% more effective? 20% more-time, 20% more income, 20% less costs or even 20% more profits. You could be.  All you have to do is stop, look, understand, and do something about it. As individuals we can all work more effectively. Banish the interference, improve our skills to get […]