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Developing Business Performance is actively working on probably 15 elements of our business at this moment. We are really benefiting from the Group Performance Improvement Plan so we can transform more and faster. We are on course for our best ever year despite the pandemic and I am really confident of more success in the future. It’s profitable and great fun working with Fergus.


“The Developing Business Performance work on our finances and profits is significantly helping our financial planning, reporting, accounting and financial control. The measured approach is allowing us to improve each element of our financial operation whilst still being in complete control.”


The Developing Business Performance work on developing each aspect of our Operational performance is delivering significant benefits. We are able to improve our  commercial focus , day to day operational leadership, teamwork and processes whist delivering more work than ever. We couldn’t do this without the structure and focus Fergus has brought.


“The Developing Business Performance work to clarify my financial analysis and business plan has really clarified my actions, investments and focus. All of the work has really developed my confidence and focus in what my company does and could do.


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