How I Help

I help you fix challenges and seize opportunities
Do you recognise any of these?



I will

  • Help you clarify the route causes of your business challenges or the ways to achieve your opportunities.
  • Help you understand what you can do personally to improve your business and personal performance.
  • Guide you and enable you to develop options and actions to improve your business performance.
  • Coach and support you as you implement change to deliver your success.

We will

  • Clarify your specific measures of business success.
  • Determine the best strategies to achieve your objectives.
  • Develop a clear plan of actions, timescales, resources and measures to achieve your objective.
  • Implement a structure and controls to manage the changes to deliver your objective.
  • Lead your journey to success each step of the way.

You will

  • Commit the appropriate time and effort to actively lead your change and success.
  • Challenge yourself and your business honestly to deliver the right outcomes for your business.
  • Develop your leadership skills and business insight to deliver future business successes.
  • Achieve your objective and many more after.
  • Not need me after a while.

For further detail on some of the challenges and opportunities I work with clients on, please click on your area of interest below

Business strategy

Business Planning

This focuses on identifying and establishing the right strategy, actions and measures to enable your business to optimise its resources to deliver your objectives.

Value Propositions

This focuses on making your product truly engaging for your customers. Your product needs to resonate exactly with what your customers need or want. And quickly.
Customer Retention

Marketing and Sales

This focuses on making your customers aware, connected, engaged, convinced and advocates of your products and business.

Grow your Business

This focuses on the building blocks of a more consistent sales pipeline,  building your company’s capabilities and managing the different financial challenges of growth. 
Business growth coaching

Leadership Development

This focusses on understanding and addressing individual challenges, building on your strengths and developing leadership skills to increase your positive impact and confidence.
leadership development

Working Effectively

This focuses on working more effectively as individuals and teams, working more constructively with customers and suppliers  and improving the core processes that underpin your business.

Increasing profits

This focuses on being continually curious about everything you do and how you do it. Nearly everything can be done better to deliver more income, less costs and more profits.
Increase profits
team development

Team Development

This focuses on developing the right culture, removing the sources of friction and enabling great teamwork. Great teams utilise the full potential of every individual within the team.

Work Life Balance

This focuses on understanding what’s driving your imbalance, focussing on your value add and preferences plus testing and implementing different ways of doing things differently.
Work life balance

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