Marketing and Sales

Marketing and sales

Income from the sales of your business product or service is the lifeblood of your company.

Sales revenue is generated through effective marketing and well-honed sales processes and techniques.

Customers buy from people and businesses, they know and trust. 

Effective marketing takes customers who don’t even know you yet, to customers who are connected and engaged with your company. A great potential sales opportunity.

Taking customers on this journey requires processes, application and focus. To acquire new customers, you need to target the right customers using the most appropriate cost-effective marketing channels, and implement disciplined processes to contact and engage those customers on a daily basis. 

Converting sales opportunities is a science in itself. Understanding which channels your customers prefer, creating sales processes that deal with customer objections, and creating the right incentives are critical to success.

If you want to establish a constant volume of sales to grow your company, then developing effective marketing and sales is vital.


Effective marketing and selling strategies

I will

  • Guide you to develop an effective marketing and sales strategy to drive cost-effective income and new customers.
  • Help you develop marketing and selling processes; guide your clients through the stages of awareness, connection, engagement, trust, sale, and customer advocacy.
  • Work with you to enable you to deal with sales objections through understanding, messaging, and communication.

We will

  • Deploy and test a marketing strategy using the right channels to develop engaged potential customers.
  • Implement and test end-to-end marketing and selling processes to generate a more consistent sales funnel and pipeline.
  • Establish measurement across the marketing and sales processes to improve the end-to-end performance continuously.

You will

  • Develop greater  customer awareness of your products and business.
  • Manage and drive a much more consistent sales funnel.
  • Generate increased sales  by employing efficient selling processes.
  • Develop the capability to  measure end-to-end customer acquisition costs and manage effective marketing and sales processes.

Create a great marketing and sales machine to guarantee your income

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