Is your real value invisible to customers?

Do customers understand your value to them instantly?

Your real value to customers is the specific solution that your business provides or the promise of benefit that a customer can expect you to deliver. It’s often referred to as your Value Proposition

Potential customers are bombarded with marketing messages from a huge range of businesses across every interest they have.

To have an impact your value proposition needs to cause a positive emotional reaction. It needs to make customers stop scrolling, engage and read on or watch more.

<H2> Your value needs to resonate with your target customers quickly.  Instantly.

A sales process has some time to deal with the three primary customer objections of value, trust and time. Marketing messages do not.

If your marketing spend is to be effective your message needs  instant impact and appeal.

<H2> The order and timing of your marketing messages is critical.

The absolute hook is value. What problem are you going to solve or what wonders are you going to deliver?

All the other technical details, awards, processes, testimonials are important. They are about credibility and trust. But if you don’t create an instant reaction they are missed and irrelevant

The real challenge for any business is to understand and distil what’s absolutely vital to their customers from the plethora of potential messages they could give or promote.

<H2> What are the precise problems your customers are suffering? What is it that the specific target customer group really needs or wants?

The precise problem or need is not always immediately obvious. Take time to dig deep into your customers. Understand them more, forget what you do or how you do it for a moment. What you do comes next. Keep it simple.

Let me give you some examples on value propositions that lead with value to the customer.

Sofa beds so comfortable, you could sleep on them every night – Furniture Business

We build quality, stylish and cost-effective homes for families. – Construction Business

We help businesses appear on the right customer searches on Google – SEO Business. Note: This company has other value propositions dependent on where their target customers are on their e-commerce journey.

Your value proposition is the critical first step in building customer relationships. It creates the customer connection.

From there you need to build customer engagement, establish your credibility and convince your customers to buy.

To significantly improve your marketing and sales effectiveness, take some time to build your compelling value proposition for your business and your customers.

Hope this helps!

Any challenges developing your value proposition, get in touch

Keep it simple. Make progress.