Working More Effectively

Working more effectively

No matter how successful your business is, I believe there are always five opportunities for a business to work more effectively.

Individuals can better focus their time on the right things; they can develop their skills to achieve better outcomes; they can approach every challenge and opportunity with a different mindset to make more positive progress and not get sidetracked.

Teams can develop ways of working that engage everyone positively to alleviate friction; they can unify behind a single purpose and vision to improve decision-making; they can challenge and support each other constructively to get the best outcomes for the business. (See more under Team Development).

Processes can almost always work better; cost of failure can be reduced; automation can reduce production or service costs; customer service can be consistently better, and cost and process measurement can always be improved to highlight the opportunities for improvement.

Supplier relationships can be developed and strengthened into true partnerships that increase reliability and cash flow.

Customer relationships can be developed into partnerships that enable more consistent income and cashflow as well as a ready source of product development and feedback.

Business process consulting to improve work efficiency

I will

  • Develop a framework to assess each of the opportunities to improve work efficiency  in your business
  • Engage with you, your people perhaps your customer and suppliers to understand their frustrations at the way the business works
  • Propose key areas for further investigation and review
  • Coach you and your business through all implemented changes

We will

  • Assess the people, organisational, financial and business benefits from working in different ways.
  • Engage with your business, customer and suppliers to get their input and views on process or performance changes.
  • Develop proposals, processes and plans to make process and performance changes.
  • Implement process or performance changes and measures to work more effectively.
  • Assess, review and amend any changes implemented to deliver efficiency benefits.

You will

  • Generate more profits.
  • Develop better customer relationships.
  • Enable a more effective organisation and higher performing people.
  • Develop a more effective and engaged business culture.
  • Remove sources of organisational, customer and supplier friction.

A healthy focus on being effective is good for people, organisations, customers, suppliers and business results.

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