Working With Me

  • I work with owners, directors, and key people within the business.
  • I  work on a one to one basis or using workshops to understand, align and focus next steps and actions. 
  • One to one sessions happen each week or every two weeks depending on the challenge, ambition and time commitments of the individual. 
  • Each challenge is different, so I  work with the client to agree the best solution for them.
  • It’s all about thinking differently, doing different things or doing the same things differently.
  • All work with clients focuses on a implementing a specific  performance improvement plan.

Developing a performance improvement plan




Before I work with any client, I encourage them to ask themselves four questions

Products and prices

One to One Coaching
and Consulting

From £500 plus VAT per month depending on the number of sessions per month, time spent together, travel or not and also any consulting done outside individual coaching time. All prices agreed before starting or in advance

Group Coaching and Workshops (Day)

From £1500 plus VAT per day, depending on consulting and preparation needed before the event. All prices agreed before starting or in advance

Group Coaching and Mentoring

Prices available or request and depending on sizes of groups and number of events

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